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This product is waterproof, dust-proof, heat-dissipation and anti-oxidation product, which effectively increases the life of the system

The output voltage at the load side is the same as the battery voltage (output non-boost type)

There are lead acid, lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, please choose according to your own configuration

Emphasis: non-boost type!

Imported components, imported single chip, stable quality, sensitive response
Water-proof and heat-dissipating aluminum casing, greatly extending product life
1.5 flat galvanized flexible wire, reducing wiring loss and more convenient wiring
Improved charging algorithm (MCT + PWM), faster charging
Overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, reverse current, reverse connection, etc.
Automatic activation function when the battery runs out, to ensure the stable operation of the system
Freely set load working modes such as normally open, pure light control, light control delay
This product can expand the constant current intelligent power reduction and is widely used in street light systems




Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 3.6 × 3.2 cm
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Heltec Automation


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