Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Starter kit for Raspberry Pi 3, 2 Model B/B+, LCD1602, Motor, C & Python Code for Raspberry Pi with PDF Guidebook




packing list

  • 1x DC Motor
  • 1x Relay
  • 1x Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • 1x L9110 motor driver
  • 46 sensor modules for you to learn Raspberry Pi, electronic, IoT and programming; Quick-responding technical support for free.

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This is a brand new Ultimate Sensor Kit for Raspberry Pi, with a complete set of Raspberry Pi’s most common and useful sensor modules. The kit has 46 sensor modules packing in a beautiful plastic box. We’ve also prepared a tutorial (PDF) for you. For each module, there is a clear connection diagram, Fritzing breadboard images and sample code.We believe with these Sensor Modules + software support, you will be able to become an expert programmer(developer)very soon. So don’t waste time, just get this kit, and start your project right away! 


  • Designed by Adeept, 46 sensor modules for you to learn Raspberry Pi, electronics, IoT, and programming.
  • A detailed user manual/guidebook(PDF, about 150 Pages) with 40 lessons and two versions of code(Python && C) are provided, it is easy for you to learn Raspberry Pi and programming. After you purchase, just send an email to us with the title “require files for RPi Ultimate Sensor Kit”, then we will show you how to access the guidebook and C && Python code, and so on..
  • Quick-responding technical support for free.
  • Beautiful project box, it is a wonderful gift for children.
  • Raspberry Pi is NOT included.


About the Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Pin Numbering Introduction
Raspberry Pi GPIO Library Introduction
How to Use wiringPi and RPi.GPIO
Lesson 1 Blinking LED
Lesson 2 Controlling an LED by Button
Lesson 3 Controlling an RGB LED by PWM
Lesson 4 Active Buzzer
Lesson 5 Passive Buzzer
Lesson 6 Controlling an LED by Hall Sensor
Lesson 7 Controlling an LED by Reed
Lesson 8 How to Use a Relay
Lesson 9 Laser Transmitter
Lesson 10 Laser Receiver
Lesson 11 How to Control a DC Motor
Lesson 12 Controlling an LED by Limit Switch
Lesson 13 Controlling an LED by Vibration Switch
Lesson 14 Rotary Encoder
Lesson 15 Controlling an LED by Touch Button
Lesson 16 Movement Detection Based on PIR
Lesson 17 Flame Sensor
Lesson 18 Line Finder
Lesson 19 Measuring the Temperature via DS18B20
Lesson 20 Temperature & Humidity Sensor – DHT-11
Lesson 21 Measuring the Distance
Lesson 22 Acceleration Sensor – ADXL345
Lesson 23 Barometric Pressure Sensor – BMP180
Lesson 24 Dot-matrix Display
Lesson 25 LED Bar Graph
Lesson 26 How to Drive the Segment Display
Lesson 27 Potentiometer
Lesson 28 Photoresistor
Lesson 29 Thermistor
Lesson 30 Water Level Detection
Lesson 31 Soil Moisture Detection
Lesson 32 MQ-2 Gas Sensor
Lesson 33 Sound Sensor
Lesson 34 PS2 Joystick
Lesson 35 LCD1602 Display
Lesson 36 How to Make a Simple Thermometer(1)
Lesson 37 How to Make a Simple Thermometer(2)
Lesson 38 Make a Distance Measuring Device
Lesson 39 How to Make a Simple Voltmeter(1)
Lesson 40 How to Make a Simple Voltmeter(2)

Package List:

1x LCD1602
1x I2C Interface Module
1x DHT-11 Temperature and humidity Sensor Module
1x DS18B20 Digital temperature Sensor Module
1x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module
1x ADC0832 Module
1x BMP180 Barometer Sensor Module
1x ADXL345 Accelerometer
1x PS2 Joystick Module
1x Relay Module
1x DC Motor Module
1x Segment Display Module
1x 8×8 LED Matrix Module
1x Potentiometer Module
1x Slide Potentiometer Module
1x Rotary Encoder Module
1x PIR Sensor Module
1x MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module
1x LED Bar Module
1x Active Buzzer Module
1x Passive Buzzer Module
1x MIC Module
1x Touch Button Module
1x Line Finder Module
1x Flame Sensor Module
1x Vibration Sensor Module
1x CM Module
1x Water Level Sensor Module
1x Soil Moisture Sensor Module
1x Photoresistor Module
1x Analog Temperature Sensor(Thermistor Module)
1x Hall Sensor Module
1x Limit Switch Module
1x Reed Module
1x RGB LED Module
1x Laser Transmitter Module
1x Laser Receiver Module
4x Button Module
4x LED Module
1x GPIO Extension Board
1x 40P GPIO Cable
8x 3-Pin Wires
5x 4-Pin Wires
3x 5-Pin Wires
1x Hookup Wire Set
1x 2-Pin Female to Female Wires
20x Male to Female Jumper Wires
1x Band Resistor Card
1x Breadboard
1x Project Box

Tutorial Link:https://www.adrive.com/public/CHXnm8/Adeept_Ultimate_Sensor_Kit_for_RPi_V1.3.zip

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 5 cm
Power Supply

3.7V Lithium battery


165mm*165mm*140mm ( starter kit ) 215mm*165mm*168mm ( standard kit), 21.9cm*31.4cm*1.8cm

Product Weight



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