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  • 1 X RoWrite 2 tablet

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RoWrite 2 simultaneously captures your handwritten ideas, notes, and drawings on the paper digitally.
  • Use the RoWrite App to quickly convert your work into editable text, play back, edit with brushes, enhance with colors and highlights, and share across multiple channels including WhatsApp, OneDrive and email.
  • Compatible with all kinds of standard A5 real paper.
  • Combining Royole’s Fully Flexible Sensor with the RoWrite 2 pressure sensitive pen results in accurate capture of every single stroke with imperceptible lag.
  • With the ultimate digital experience, the RoWrite 2 has a battery life up to 30 days.
  • A combination of synthetic leather and premium aluminum enhances RoWrite 2‘s look and feel.
  • NOTE: This device is NOT a Digital Tablet with LCD screen and it needs to be used with notepads of Real Paper and Ink pen which are included in the product.Compatible with Android & IOS smartphone or tablet.
  • Simultaneously capture notes, ideas and drawings digitally
  • Organize, search and share work on the RoWrite App
  • Edit and share work as PDF, MP4 & JPEG via the app
  • Stylish design with synthetic leather and premium aluminum.
  • Update strokes with new colors or highlights with the RoWrite App

Package Included:
  • 1 X RoWrite 2 tablet
  • 1 X RoWrite 2 pen
  • 6 X Pen refills (one refill is in the pen)
  • 2 X Notepads (included in the package)
  • 1 X Pen refill extractor
  • 1 X Type-C charging cable
  • 1 X User manual






Brand Name:

Heltec Automation

Equipment weight


Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 4.0


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