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  • with max sample rate up to 1GHz, and max sample depth up to 16G

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DSLogic Logic Analyzer is a portable USB-based logic analyzer, with a max sample rate up to 1GHz, and max sample depth up to 16G. DSLogic is protected by a CNC metal case to enhance noise immunity. Combined with shielded fly wires, DSLogic can be used to capture up to 250MHz digital signals (under 1G sample rate). With the easy-to-use cross-platform software, DSView, your circuits can be debugged and analyzed using your desired operating system. Also, you can observe the digital wave and its decode various protocols conveniently, anywhere at any time.

If you have trouble with debugging digital circuits with oscilloscopes such as small depth, hard to rig, rough protocol decoders, then Logic Analyzers can come in handy to solve the issue. The logic analyzer is a dedicated debug tool for digital signals, which support long-time acquisition, no dead time, complex trig conditions and rich protocol decoders. These are much better at analyzing the process of digital communications and complex protocols because they only record low/high status.

The hardware for the DSLogic U3Pro16 oscilloscope is patented and certified. Also, this has dual-mode support namely Buffer mode and stream mode. Buffer Mode has a high sample rate whereas stream mode has a long sample duration.

The higher the sample rate is, the better restored the waveform is. It is recommended that the sample rate should be 10x – 100x than the frequency of under test signal.

As mentioned above, in stream mode, the data is transferred to the computer in real-time through USB where the sample duration is long.

However, the problem with stream mode is that real-time transmission is limited by USB bandwidth. Only 3 channels are supported under 100M sample rate.
DSLogic U3Pro support super stream mode. Therefore USB 3.0 can be used at bandwidth up to 5Gbps which is 10 times than normal stream mode
As a good logic analyzer, high sample rate is not enough. It is necessary to ensure that high-frequency signals can be transmitted without distortion on the entire path of signal acquisition. DSLogic ensures the signal integrity with following designs:



If you are using a mains powered (grounded) host computer, the ground terminals of DSLogic is also connected to the real ground, you must avoid connecting any ground terminals to HOT DUTs. DSLogic has overcurrent protection, but we recommend that you should try to avoid any short circuit event. After all the ability of the upstream USB port is an uncertain factor.


  • 16 digital channels
  • USB 3.0 interface
  • Up to 1GHz sample rate
  • Up to 2Gbits hardware memory
  • Up to 16G sample depth (stream mode)
  • Adjustable Threshold (0.1V Step)
  • Shielded fly wires
  • Unibody aluminum case


  • USB Type-C interface (USB3.0 device port)
  • 1.27mm dupont female connector (Host device)
  • 2.54mm dupont female connector (Fly wires)

Part List

  • DSLogic U3Pro16 (fully tested)
  • x1 USB 3.0 cable(0.8M length, A to Type-C)
  • x4+1 Shielded fly wires
  • x16 Hook Clips
  • x1 Carrying Case
  • Software not included — download here



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Dimensions 3.6 × 3.2 cm

Portable Logic Analyzer


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