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  • Creality full nozzle kit for CR-6 SE 3d printer, high thermal conductivity, and quick to heat. The advanced thermistor and heating tube assembly can heat quickly and sense the temperature of the nozzle timely.

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Full Nozzle Kit for CR-6 SE

Full metal jacket: The frosting surface of the aluminum shell anodized for sturdy and more wearable; integrated structure and simple circuit are convenient for disassembly, repair, and assembly.

Integrated structural design: Integrated structural design with nozzle, heating, and cooling system and leveling system has a delicate appearance. The metal shell with the frosting process is sturdy and durable.

High-quality cooling system: Dual fan design promotes more efficient heat dissipation and quick to cure the model, which ensures high print precision.

Integral rigid structure: Self-developed and brand new nozzle is equipped with a full metal kit with a smooth filament path and heat break. The temperature is up to 260°C to melt the filament fully and filament-push smoothly.

Smart leveling sensor with high precision: Brand new leveling free sensor with high precision and low power consumption can transmit accurate data. The standard deviation is only 0.005mm. No worries to level.

Stable performance and precise structure: High-quality thermistor and heating tube are up to 260°C, with rapid-risen temperature, precise temperature control, and good stability.

The optimized internal structure of the seamless connection between nozzle and heat break accelerates the nozzle to dissipate heat and the heat break to insulate heat, letting go of the nozzle blockage.

Size: 1104x94x54 mm

Applicable models: CR-6 SE

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Full Nozzle Kit


Weight 0.379 g
Dimensions 1104 × 94 × 54 cm

Full Nozzle Kit


1104x94x54 mm






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