Ender-3 Direct Extruding Kit




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  • Creality Ender-3 3D Printer Direct Extruding Kit: Direct extruding mechanism; Complete nozzle kit.

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Ender-3 Direct Extruding Kit

Direct Extruding Kit with Two in One: 1, Direct extruding mechanism, 2, Complete nozzle kit

Integrated Structure with All Metal: It’s sturdy and wear-resistant with an all-metal shell and surface oxidation treatment; an Integrated structure is convenient for wiring and replacing.

Direct Extruding Smooth Feed-in: Quality Motor: lower torque requirements on the stepper motor, reducing the possibility of the nozzle blockage when retracting filament and malfunction when loading new filament.

Even Feed-in: there is more even feed-in with direct extruding than Bowden extruding

Printing at High-Temperature, Strong Compatibility: Compatible with more types of filament when printing under high temperatures, like flexible TPU. It can optimize TPU printing performance.

Easy to Install and Use: Switch direct extrusion or Bowden extrusion at any time and easy to disassembly. It doesn’t affect the inherent function of the printer because it’s a complete extrusion kit.


N.W.: 0.379KG

Product size: 76x96x125mm

Material: aluminum alloy

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Print precise: ± 0.1mm

Output voltage: 24V

Rated voltage: 115V/230V 50/60HZ

Applicable models: Ender-3, Ender-3 S, Ender-3 Pro


Package List:

Ender-3 Direct Extruding Kit


Weight 0.379 g
Dimensions 76 × 96 × 125 cm

Ender-3 Direct Extruding Kit


440*420*445, 76x96x125mm




aluminum alloy


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