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  • Creality HP-PLA-X3-3D Printer Filament: makes you are easy to achieve the art dream. High-speed printing, Rapid molding; Polychrome, Matte finished; Uniform color, Unique texture.

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No warping

Double speed print

Green and non-toxicity

Small tolerance

No bubble

Good fluidity

High precision

Wide compatibility

High-speed printing, Rapid molding: 

The upgrade raw material makes the model support easier to add and remove without warping.

HP-PLA X3 filament support double speed print and up to 150mm/s.

Outstanding printing result with the color of macaron:

The printing result of unique texture because of brand new formulation with an exaggeration filament of macaron matte color and silk gloss.

Product Parameters

Make of renewable resources:

The HP-PLA X3 filament is a thermoplastic of biodegradable which makes by renewable resources such as corn starch, degradable and pro-environment, no pungent odor.

Smooth Feeding and no plug:

With the customized proportioning scheme, HP PLA filament has better tensile strength and ductility. Smoother fluidity makes printing easier without plugging, which realizes the exquisite results.

Consistent filament diameter with small tolerance:

The diameter tolerance of the filament is an important index. The diameter tolerance of HP PLA filament is controlled within ±0.05mm, which makes the feeding smoother and ensures continuous printing.

Amazing with Ender-6 3d printer:

HP PLA X3 can compatible with all Creality FDM printers. High-quality filament realizes the delicate artwork. And this filament will be amazing that goes with the Ender-6 3d printer.

Product Parameters:

Product name: HP PLA X3 3D printer filament

Printing temperature: 190-230°C

Tensile strength: 68MPa

N.W.: 1kg

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Package Weight: 1.15kg

Bubble: No

Package size: 210x210x75mm

Color: Carbon Black; Milk White; Space Grey; Rose Red; Ocean Blue; Banana Yellow; Aquamarine; Vibrant Orange; Sky Blue; Light Brown; Grass Green; Elegant Pink

Size of filament wheel: Diameter 200mm, height 70mm, hole diameter 56mm

Package List:

HP-PLA-X3-3D Printer Filament

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 7.5 cm

HP-PLA-X3-3D Printer Filament






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