4 inch display SAA-2N NanoVNA V2 3GHz 2.2 version 3000mAh battery Vector Network Analyzer HF VHF UHF Antenna Analyzer





  • SAA-2N host (inside 3000mAh battery) x 1;
  • 50cm N-type male to male RG142-PUR RF cable x2;
  • SAA-2N host (Micro USB data cable x1;
  • N-type male calibration kit – OPEN x1;
  • N-type male calibration kit – SHORT x1;
  • N-type male calibration kit – LOAD x1;
  • N-type female to female connector x1;
  • Touch screen paddles and lanyard x1;
  • EVA storage bag x1;

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3330 in stock



The tinySA is a small spectrum analyzer, primarily intended for 0.1MHz to 350MHz input but it has some nice other capabilities:

  • Spectrum Analyzer with two inputs, high-quality MF/HF/VHF input for 0.1MHZ-350MHz, lesser quality UHF input for 240MHz-960MHz.
  • Switchable resolution bandpass filters for both ranges between 2.6kHz and 640kHz
  • Color display showing 290 scan points covering up to the full low or high-frequency range.
  • Input Step attenuator from 0dB to 31dB for the MF/HF/VHF input.
  • When not used as Spectrum Analyzer it can be used as Signal Generator, MF/HF/VHF sinus output between 0.1MHZ-350MHz, UHF square wave output between 240MHz-960MHz.
  • A built-in calibration signal generator that is used for automatic self-test and low input calibration.
  • Connected to a PC via USB it becomes a PC controlled Spectrum Analyzer
  • Rechargeable battery allowing a minimum of at least 2 hours portable use
  • Max input level +10dBm. Do not destroy your tinySA
  • Due to the low cost and very small form factor, there are certain relevant limitations.


Omdat SAA-2 is een open source ontwerp, er zijn veel verschillende fabrikanten. Sommige klanten hebben twijfels over de prestaties van onze producten. De volgende is de touchstone bestand verkregen door scannen verschillende dempers met NanoVNA saver. Zie je de geschatte effectieve dynamics en nauwkeurigheid, evenals de nauwkeurigheid van de calibrators we gebruik. De volgende testresultaten alleen vertegenwoordigen de sample test gegevens van onze SAA-2 met metalen shell items, en zijn niet verantwoordelijk voor soortgelijke producten verkocht via andere kanalen.



  • Frequency range: 50kHz – 3GHz

    Frequency tolerance : < 2ppm

    Frequency Stability:  < 0.5ppm

    System dynamic range (calibrated): 70dB (up to 1.5GHz), 60dB (up to 3GHz)

    S11 noise floor (calibrated): -50dB (up to 1.5GHz), -40dB (up to 3GHz)

    Sweep rate: 100 points/s

    Display: 3.95 inch, 320 x 480

    USB interface: Micro USB

    Power: USB, Maximum charge current 1A

    Battery:3000mAh lithium-ion

    Battery connector: JST-XH 2.54mm

    Maximum sweep points (on device): 201

    Maximum sweep points (USB): 1024

    Port 2 return loss (1.5GHz): 20dB typ

    Port 2 return loss (3GHz): 13dB min

    VNA-QT software supported platforms: Linux, Windows (7+), Mac OS planned

Technical Description

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 5 cm
Resolution bandpass

2.6kHz and 640kHz


0.1MHZ-350MHz, 240MHz-960MHz

Input Step attenuator

0dB to 31dB


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