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Quality assurance system includes product managers, quality supervisor, test engineers, and support engineers.

Hongkong CC&LL International Technology Co., Limitedis a HK-based comprehensive open-source hardware loRa Wan Gateway supplier which exports a highly innovative range of products for creators of varied interests and ages. Established in 2013, the company never ceases to come out with new and exciting ideas. It has established an in-house design team that turns inspirations into practical designs. Some of its hot-selling products include Cubecell, LoRa Gateway, Arduino Robots, Electrical Building Blocks Kit, Sensors, etc. LeapIOT offers a cost-effective one-stop-shop service. All of its products conform to stringent international safety standards and are under strict quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process and before shipment.

  • We have our own SMT factory
  • Two semi-automatic production lines;
  • Panasonic® CM402 Placement Machine;
  • Panasonic® CM202-DS Chip Mounter.
  • Professional design team, our develop engineers covers hardware system design, RF design, software design (C, C++, ASM, python, JAVA, etc.). Especially in ARM, mbed, Arduino® field.
  • Professional instruments and equipment for development and test, inlcude:
  • Agilent® N5181A Analog Signal Generator;
  • Agilent® E5062 Vector Network Analyzer;
  • Agilent® 8594E Spectrum Analyzer;
  • GA4033 Spectrum Analyzer;
  • Agilent® E4980A LCR Meter;
  • UC2835 LCR Meter;
  • MSO5074 Oscilloscope;
  • Keysight® E3647A DC Power Supply;
  • Keysight® 34461A Digital Multimeter;

  • Hardware design, include:
  • Basic hardware design;
  • Mbed system design;
  • Impedance matching and RF system design;
  • Low power hardware design;
  • Ethernet, PoE, 2-Wire etc. bus system.
  • ARM and Mbed system software design, especially:
  • ESP® series;
  • STM32® series;
  • Psoc® series;
  • Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRa® and LoRaWAN®;
  • Low power software design.
  • Mechanical structure design;
  • Automatic control system design;
  • PCB & SMT produce;
  • OEM & ODM.

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